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Aero Plains Brewing celebrates the rich history of Wichita Kansas. Our beer is brewed at the cross-roads of history and innovation, where the Chisholm Trail meets the runways of the Air Capital of the World. We strive to bring high quality, craft beer to the people of Wichita and beyond, people who deserve to have a beer — or many — created right here. Our brewery produces beers as artful and flavorful as our city’s history.

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Wichita is a city founded on grit, spirit, vision and entrepreneurship and so are our craft beers.

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In my last blog post I shared my frustration with one of our local news stations and the one-sided report they did on the recent changes to the Kansas liquor laws, changes that would allow grocery and convenient stores to stock “full-strength” beer while also allowing liquor stores to sell items other than alcohol.

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Media Minefield

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Again, it’s been a while since I’ve had time to sit down and update our blog. A lot has happened since November. The last time I posted, we had been open a mere three weeks. Sadly, we are still dealing with some lingering issues from that post that I wish had passed—for example our custom made, bi-fold door is still not complete. Despite some amazing effort from Studium design/build on the custom door, we are opting for a more traditional overhead model. Should be installed in June.

We have expanded from six to ten of our beers on-tap in the tasting room, plus some house made cocktails. Though we didn’t get our beers out to liquor stores by 1 November, due to some tragic yeast problems, we ARE distributing. Our beers are available in over 90 liquor stores and 40 bars and restaurants. Speaking of liquor stores, I wanted to address a piece KSN did on us.

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After Action Report for Soft Opening

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We finally received our city license last Wednesday, Oct 12th. We can legally sell our beers now.

We hosted friends and family on Saturday for a “soft opening. It started out being for just “friends and family” but word got around and we quickly realized that many of the “best friends” are the new ones you make.

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