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Artist Showcase:
Michael Potts’ Aero Plains Plane Mural

Come down to Aero Plains Brewery to see the latest mural painted by nationally recognized painter, Michael Potts.

Potts travels the country offering unique experiences to audiences large and small as a live performance painter. He uses his artistic gift to help raise money for various charities and in the process, provide audiences a glimpse at some of the basic principles artists use to establish resolve in their most personal work.

To learn more about Potts, click here.

Also displayed is a timeline of Aero Plains Brewing’s History created by Brent Miller.  Five framed picture collages showcase the complete journey from “The Early Years” when APB was just an idea to the “Fantastic First Year” filled with great beers, events, and accomplishments. Come check it out!

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About the artist:

Kira Morris is an award-winning photographer specializing in portraiture, nature, commercial, and lifestyle documentary images. Most recently, her work was published in the May 2017 print edition of National Geographic Magazine. Her photography has also been featured in international news and photography publications including CNN, The Washington Post, The Independent, Business Insider, BBC Travel, Digital Photo Pro Magazine, and Digital Photography Review.

Among other honors, she has been awarded an IAAP (International Association of Art Photographers) Gold Metal, IES-PSS (Photographic Society of Singapore) Merit Award, and an ISF (Image Sans Frontier) Bronze Medal. Her photography has been exhibited in over nine countries across five continents and was chosen to be displayed at the 2016 United Nations COP22 Climate Change Summit.

She spent three winters living and working at McMurdo Station, a U.S. research base in Antarctica. In her time off, she traveled the world with her fiancé (whom she met in Antarctica) and continued to shoot, eventually producing award-winning images on all seven continents. As an avid traveler and adventurer, she has done everything from running with the bulls in Spain, to spending the night sleeping in a self-dug snow cave in Antarctica, to riding her bike across America.

She currently resides in Wichita and continues to provide high-end photography for personal and commercial clients. To see more images or inquire about working with her, visit. her website here.

Previous Art Gallery Showcase

Aero Plains Brewing is proud to present paintings by Bill Goffrier and Whytnie McDonald and the photography of Mike Arnold.

About the artists:

Bill Goffrier, earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Wichita State University in I980. While attending WSU, Bill joined several classmates to form the punk-rock band, The Embarrassment, which developed a devoted following on the Indie music scene. The Village Voice’s long-time chief music critic, Robert Christgau, called them a “great lost American band.” In 1985, while finishing his MFA degree at Boston University, Bill helped to found the Indie band, Big Dipper. The band’s full-length album Heavens, which was released in 1987, has been described by music critics as being “one of the finest American indie albums of its era.” Throughout the decades while involved in music, Bill has painted with watercolors for the convenience they lent to his plein air painting. For the last few years, Bill has returned to painting primarily in oil on wood panel. Among Bill’s paintings are many landscapes. Regardless of media, in this genre the most striking attribute they share is sensitivity to observed light. Favoring cool colors, he uses abrupt tonal shifts to emphasize implied line imbuing his compositions with a sense of nostalgia.

Whytnie McDonald hails from New Mexico where she realistically paints her surroundings on the front range of the Rocky Mountains. Whytnie, an accomplished oil painter looking for new ways to create her images, moved from pigment paints to digital painting. Here she employees all the skill, tools and techniques as before, but through the use of a digital stylus and her computer. This method provides her with the ability to produce paintings with greater flexibility in resources and space, albeit requiring the same amount of time. Whytnie’s paintings are like a snap shot of everyday life, places and events that surround her in Southeastern, New Mexico.

Mike Arnold, has spent the past 30 years capturing the overlooked and forgotten spaces through his many camera lenses. Over the years he has traveled across the country in search of these (decaying) monuments of human endeavor and every day life. Spaces once filled with vibrant life, activity and struggles, now stand silent and empty. Mike’s photos, provide a poignant reminder as to the never ending passage of time.