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After Action Report for Soft Opening

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We finally received our city license last Wednesday, Oct 12th. We can legally sell our beers now.

We hosted friends and family on Saturday for a “soft opening. It started out being for just “friends and family” but word got around and we quickly realized that many of the “best friends” are the new ones you make.

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So close…time for reflection

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Hey everyone.

We are coming down to the wire on our construction efforts. We have a series of inspections scheduled this week, but it looks like the final inspection is going to get pushed into next week.


We are still waiting on state and city licensing too. Without those, we can’t open our doors anyway.

In the meantime, we still have things we can do. As we wait…frustrated for certain, I have to pause to look back on what we’ve really accomplished and be grateful.

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Getting Started…

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Welcome to Aero Plains Brewing–or at least welcome to our new website.

The purpose of the APB blog is to update you on things going on at APB, to allow me to personally channel some thoughts and idea, and along the way, hopefully you’ll come to appreciate the great thing we are building.

Aero Plains Brewing is a crazy “solution” to the personal challenge I faced retiring from the Marine Corps.

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