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Fermentation Tanks are Full

By September 12, 2016Uncategorized

Sorry I missed posting the last two weeks. I really want to share something each week. There is certainly enough going on.

We brewed our first batch of beer on 1 September, then brewed the next four days to get all of our fermentation tanks filled. Beers brewed included–

…a German lager, Bingo’s IPA, Midnight Flyer Stout, and Dove Runner Red Wheat. We opted to brew half-batches (10 BBLs) to start, as we get used to the new system. Kevin and Dalton, from ABE were here with us for two of the batches, then Ryan and I took the driver’s seat. By the fourth batch I was really looking forward to doing a full size (20 BBL) batch. However, wisdom dictates that we taste these initial beers first and make any necessary tweaks, before we go “all in” with a full batch of ingredients.


As far as the equipment, I gotta say it is a step up from what I’m used to. While brewing on the 15 BBL system at Black Market Brewing Co. we had to grain out with hoes and shovels into 55 gal barrels, reaching into a steaming mash tun and moving 1000 lbs of grain. Our 20 BBL system from ABE has some sweet rakes and a grain plow that pushes the grain right out the door.  Well worth the money… Check out the video…

Video: grain-out

Saturday, after ten days of vigorous fermentation, we transferred the lager to the bright tank where it will sit for quite a while longer, but moving it gave us room to brew a fifth beer–Pretty Penny Pale Ale. I’m hoping we get two more produced before our opening in mid-October.

While we were brewing, the construction crew has been working to finish out the tasting room. Here is a shot of the A/C ducts going in.


On a historical note, the 150th anniversary of the Chisholm Trail is approaching. Our brewery is in Delano and sits right on this historical trail. It’s one of the the inspirations for our motto…”brewed at the crossroads of history and innovation” and many of our beers, such as Bingo’s IPA.


Here is an interesting article on the Chisholm Trail.

Well, I have to get down to the brewery and check on the beer.

Check back in soon…


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