Food Truck Schedule

Food Trucks have become a way of life in our fair city. Check back every month to see which food trucks will be at Aero Plains Brewing.

Food truck schedule for December:

Wednesday 12/6 – Gaga’s Grub 5-8:30pm
Thursday 12/7 – Free Nacho Bar
Friday 12/8 – Sorrel Jamaican Food 5-9pm
Saturday 12/9 – LumpiaPalooza 12-9pm

Wednesday 12/13 – Sorrel Jamaican Food 5-9pm
Thursday 12/14 – Noble House Hawaiian Plate Lunch  5-9pm
Friday 12/15 – LumpiaPalooza 5-9pm
Saturday 12/16 – Gaga’s Grub 5-9pm

Tuesday 12/19 – UNO MAS ICT 4-7pm
Wednesday 12/20 – TBD
Thursday 12/21 – TBD
Friday 12/22 – Sorrel Jamaican Food 5-9pm
Saturday 12/23 – LumpiaPalooza 5-9pm
Saturday 12/23 – Let’m Eat Bräts 6-9pm

We are open seven days a week. If there is no food truck scheduled, feel free to bring in whatever food you’d like. Support one of the many local Delano eateries and see how their food pairs with our brews!