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Getting Started…

By August 17, 2016Uncategorized

Welcome to Aero Plains Brewing–or at least welcome to our new website.

The purpose of the APB blog is to update you on things going on at APB, to allow me to personally channel some thoughts and idea, and along the way, hopefully you’ll come to appreciate the great thing we are building.

Aero Plains Brewing is a crazy “solution” to the personal challenge I faced retiring from the Marine Corps.

The Challenge: What am I going to do to focus my analytical mind and need for creativity while still allowing me to satisfy that sense of servitude that motivated me to be a Marine for twenty-one years?

The Solution: Build a business based on the concept of “Genuine Concern”–the idea that by truly caring about something greater than yourself you will foster a following of like-minded people who will appreciate that notion. The fact that our business is brewing beer is merely a bonus.

If you’ve been following us on Facebook you know that we are neck-deep in build-out of our brewery. We’ve gone from this…

Aero Plains Brewing Building

to this…

Aero Plains Brewing Brewhouse

From this…

Aero Plains Brewing Team

to this…

Aero Plains Brewing Team

It’s been a lot of hard work that couldn’t be done without a team effort.

One of my leadership philosophies is, “Know your people, and employ them within their means.” Good leaders take the time to learn the strengths and weaknesses of their people, and then put them into the right positions to allow them *and the team* to succeed. As we get closer to the opening and to finishing our construction, the APB team is really coming into their roles, and it is truly exciting. Here is a peek at what the APB team has been doing.

Brent, our Chief Operations Officer (COO), is directing his years of experience and business acumen towards developing our marketing and branding strategy, to create a cohesive identity that reflects not only our company’s personality, but our core values.

Ryan, our Chief Brewing Officer (CBO), is channeling his mechanical talents and keen attention to detail to managing the construction site and installing our equipment, always with a critical thought towards how the facility will support the best brewing practices and smart packaging and production processes.

Another philosophy I live by is, “Surround yourself with people smarter than you and listen to them.” To that end we’ve developed a great working relationship so many amazing professionals that are smarter than me. They’ve been sweating it out helping us build our brewery. You’ll see in the quality of their work that they already proscribe the the concept of “Genuine Concern.” They truly care about the job they do and the thing they are building…

I’d like to offer thanks and a toast to all of them:

Wes, Chad, and Tony from Studium Design & Build
Kris and Brent and their crew with Winter Concrete
Ryan, Jay and Holton from Brand Plumbing
Tony and Chris with Knight & Son Electrical
Dave, Joe, Angel and the rest of they crew with Greening Construction
Ryan and Cory at Advanced Epoxy
Todd and Andrew with Farha Air Conditioning
Jim with RTI Company and the crew from Cold Control who installed our cold room
“Donk” and the rest of the guys from Belger who stood our tanks and boiler
Avdon who handled our demo and crucial metal fab
My friends Mark and Terry who are designing our bar and beer hall benches
Nick and Zane who are building a custom overhead door for our tasting room.
Luke and his crew from Mahaney Roofing

We are truly lucky to have all the support.

As we go forward, I hope you keep checking in, on Facebook and with this blog. My goal is to post weekly. We’ll be standing up our Youtube channel as well to provide another avenue to connect to the APB experience.

Finally…everyone asks when we’ll be open. The goal is to have our grand opening in October. That way, our anniversary party will coincide with Oktoberfest. It also gives us a few weeks extra to wrap up construction and make sure our beer is ready.

Thanks to all of you for your time and attention.




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