Aero Plains beers are calibrated with accuracy.
Change is in the air; look for newly branded and packaged cans to hit the Wichita market very soon! Among the first brews to take flight: Aero Plains Pale Ale, Aero Plains IPA, and Wingman Wheat.

ABC Discount, W Central
ABC Discount, E Central
Auburn Hills Wine & Spirits
Beyond Napa
C & C Liquor
Central Avenue Liquor
Cheers Wine & Liquor
Club Liquor West
Crestview Wine & Spirits
Davis Liquor Outlet
Derby Wine & Spirits
Everton Retail Liquor
Froggy’s Liquor
Global Wine & Spirits
Groves Liquor
J & J’s Fine Liquors
Jacob Liquor Exchange
Jt’s Liquor
K & S Liquor
The Liquor Cabinet
Maize Discount Liquor
Main Street Liquor, Haysville
Maplewood Wine & Spirits
Mikies Liquor
Oz Wine & Spirits
Plaza Wine & Spirits
Rolling Hills Wine & Spirits
Tom’s Wine & Spirits

ABC Discount, W 13th
Andover Wine & Spirits
Auburn Spirits
Bison Liquor
Cambridge Liquor
Central Wine & Spirits
Clearwater Liquor
Compton Retail Liquor
Davis Brian Liquor
Delano Retail Liquor
Di Vall Retail Liquor
Flint Hills Wine & Spirits
Game Time Wine & Spirits
Goebel Liquor
Hurst Retail Liquor
Jack’s Wine and Spirits
Jacob Liquor Exchange II
Judy’s Liquor
Kim Davis Liquor Outlet
The Liquor Warehouse
Main Street Liquor, Andale
Manila Liquor
McConnell Airforce Base Class 6
Oxford Cork & Brew
Park City Discount Liquor
R & J Discount Liquor
Seneca Street Liquor
Wheatland Liquor